You Can’t Underestimate Upholstery Cleaning Importance

A How-to Guide For Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is an integral part of taking care of your furniture. Most people are aware that spills and stains on upholstery should be cleaned immediately to stand the best chance of successful stain removal. However, at times, it’s just not possible to immediately handle a sudden spill or accident.

First things first: vacuum

Upholstery should be vacuumed regularly, as it keeps the fabric in good condition, preventing dust and crumbs from settling into the body of the furniture. When it comes to old stains, it’s surprising how much a simple vacuuming can help.

Check for cleaning instructions

Check whether your furniture manual came with its own cleaning codes. This gets you on the right track of how to best tackle your stain, whilst still ensuring the piece is being cared for in a suitable manner. Some pieces can be cleaned with water, while others will need some solvents. However, use the latter option cautiously.

Step 1

Check whether your furniture can be cleaned with water – if so, it’s just a simple matter of mixing together a solution with dish soap. Dip a sponge in the mixture, squeeze it thoroughly and blot the stain very gently, taking care not to rub very roughly.

Step 2

Next, rinse the sponge, using only water to blot out some of the soap mixture. Press dry with a cloth or paper towels. If this doesn’t prove to be effective, try using vinegar or vodka on a cloth to blot the stains. And don’t worry about the smell: both odours of vinegar or vodka will disappear once the area is dry.

Step 3

If a gentler clean doesn’t work, it’s time to opt for a heavy-duty route. This step calls for the tough cleaners. Any cleaner you choose to use should be spot tested in an inconspicuous place on the piece of furniture. Be sure to read both the instructions and ingredients to avoid the risk of ruining the piece of furniture

Carpet and upholstery cleaning: Bring your living room back to life

No matter how often you dust, clean and tidy your living room, if your carpets and upholstery are tired, dirty and worn, the room will struggle to look its best. Daily life and all its wear and tear can take its toll on soft furnishings, but it’s incredible the difference a deep clean of your living room carpet and upholstery can make

Carpet cleaning

Giving your carpet a thorough clean will not only freshen it up and transform the look of your home, but it can also help to extend the lifespan of the carpet.

Carpet cleaning tips


To remove common stains from your carpet, make a paste by mixing equal parts vinegar and baking soda, with a touch of warm water. Scrub the stained areas with the mixture and a sponge until the stain disappears. Then, soak up as much moisture as you can with a clean cloth.

General cleaning

An excellent general clean can really freshen up your carpet. Mix one part laundry detergent with ten parts of warm water, and scrub with a medium-bristled brush. Leave your newly cleaned carpet to dry before vacuuming it thoroughly.

Buying a carpet cleaner

There are a whole host of carpet cleaning appliances on the market and, if you’re considering buying one, you must choose the one that best suits your needs. Factors to consider include:

Capacity – If you’ll be using your carpet cleaner to clean a large, fully carpeted home regularly, you’ll need a cleaner with a large capacity.

Cable length – Equally, if you’re cleaning a large space, you’ll need a longer cable.

Attachments – There is a wide range of different attachments available for carpet cleaners, including attachments for stair carpets, car interiors, upholstery and curtains. Look for a model that comes with the attachments you need.

Upholstery cleaning

It’s a common misconception that carpet and upholstery cleaning methods are the same. Although there are similarities, they each require different cleaning methods – a carpet is made from synthetic fibres, whereas upholstery is often fabric based. The fabrics used for upholstery, such as cotton and wool, are sensitive to certain chemicals that can be used on carpets.

The Clear Signs of Needed Upholstery Cleaning

How often do you clean your upholstered furniture? Many people might vacuum theirs or wipe away some dirt. However, it can be easy to neglect your upholstery if you don’t set regular dates to clean it. Some signs indicate that you need to clean your upholstered furniture. When you notice them, it’s best to have the fabric cleaned as soon as you can. Although you can do it yourself, it can up a lot of your time. You might also find it difficult using only the products you have at home. If you notice any of these signs that your furniture needs cleaning, professional cleaning is best.

Dirt and Stains

Everyone gets the occasional stain or bit of dirt or dust on their upholstered furniture. If you are quick enough, you can wipe it away and remote it. However, sometimes you don’t notice until it’s too late. Rubbing at the stain might only make it worse, and so could trying to use various home remedies. The best thing to do is contact a professional upholstery service. They can take care of new stains, as well as any that might build up over the years. You might not notice how dirty your furniture has become until you have it cleaned.

Pet Hair

If you have a dog or cat, you probably try your best to keep their hair under control. Vacuuming regularly can help, but it can’t do everything. You might notice that your furniture has become fuzzy, and you’re struggling to get the hair out. You can use a lint brush to pick up what a vacuum doesn’t but they can’t both leave hair behind. A professional service will perform a deep clean to ensure that they can get everything. At the same time, they can clean any dirt or bacteria that might come from the pets being on the furniture.


Suffering from various allergies is common, and many of the can be in the home. Dust mites and pet dander are two of the things that might cause an allergic reaction. Even when you are vigilant about staying clean, these allergens can get into your upholstered furniture. Keeping the furniture clean is essential for your health. Professional cleaners will give your furniture a deep clean so you can be healthy.


Do you have a photo of when you first bought your furniture? If you compare it to now, you might notice how much it has changed. It’s easy for us not to realize if our upholstered furniture gradually changes color or texture. But when you look back, you know that it’s time for it to be cleaned. A professional cleaning will transform your furniture, so it regains vitality and looks like new again. It can renew the color and fluff up the fibers so that your furniture no longer looks dull and lifeless.

Upholstery Cleaning Services Pricing

How much does upholstery cleaning cost?

Upholstery cleaning services include furniture items such as couches, lounges, sofas, arm chairs, dining chairs, mattresses and ottomans. Each of these items are covered with fabric and just like your clothing, they need regular cleaning. Let’s face it, your couch gets a fairly good work out these days! Whether it be binge watching your favourite Netflix drama, snuggling up with loved ones or a place to eat dinner while watching the news. What can you expect to pay for professional upholstery cleaning services?

How often should I have my upholstery professionally cleaned?

The most common method of cleaning is hot water extraction or steam cleaning. Regular cleaning will not only ensure you furniture looks clean, but also helps reduce wear and tear and premature aging as well as remove odour causing germs and bacteria. These big ticket furniture items can last a life time if they are well maintained. We suggest using professional upholstery cleaning services at least once or twice a year.

How do you price upholstery cleaning?

It is difficult to publish exact price lists for our upholstery cleaning services, as the size and condition can vary considerably from one couch to another. We like to price each job individually, however we also understand that it is helpful to have a general pricing guide, when selecting a cleaning service.

We usually price couches, sofas and lounges by the seat. By seat we mean how many people can comfortably sit on the furniture, rather than the number of seat cushions. This is because some seat cushions are very large and actually designed to seat 2 or more people.

For couches/sofas our price per seat is currently $35 (inc GST).

Armchairs are around the same price, however some larger recliners are slightly more (usually around $45).

Dining chairs start from $10 per seat, depending on whether they are base only or back & base

Mattresses are priced according to size and start at $55 for a single, $66 for a double, $77 Queen, $88 King.

Our minimum charge is $99

Many customers ask why it often costs more to clean their couch than it does to clean all of their carpet. Surely cleaning, several rooms of carpet is a bigger job than a sofa? Upholstery cleaning services are priced according to amount of time they take to complete rather than just surface area.

Upholstery Cleaning Process

cleaning system gives you multiple benefits step by step

1.   High-Filtration Vacuum – NO need to dig out those lost coins before we arrive

Vacuuming is carried out with a professional vacuum cleaner specifically designed to prepare your upholstery for cleaning. Not all companies will carry out a full vacuum before they start.

2.   Pre-spot stubborn or difficult stains

Stains or marks that we know will be difficult to remove will be pre treated with specialist products and techniques.

3.   Pre-spray and agitation

An application of heavy-duty pre-spray will be applied to your upholstery. This will lift dirt and oily residue from your delicate upholstery fibres and suspend them in the solution ready for extraction with our top of the range upholstery cleaning equipment.

4.   Hot water extraction – Where the magic happens

Hot water extraction is then applied to the upholstery. Our machine heats the pre-spray solution and pushes the water into the upholstery fabric to break down the dirt and oils. It is then quickly removed in the same action with powerful vacuum suction drawing the dirt and cleaning products out of the fibres.

5.   Residue rinse

​Any product left in the fabric can attract dirt and make a sofa or chair look dirtier quicker. We carry out a second rinse extraction to make sure all the cleaning solution is removed which ensures your upholstery will stay cleaner for longer and prevent re-soiling.

6.   Grooming

Where required we will groom the upholstery to make sure it is looking its best post clean.

7.   Fabric Protector – The best decision you will make

​If you have a  busy house hold, especially with young children or pets, carpet protector will help to protect upholstery fabrics from spillages and everyday wear. It makes the fabric more resistant to staining and if a spill does happen gives you more time to save the day. It makes regular cleaning of your upholstery easier. Fabric protector does wear off, particularly around heavy contact areas. It normally lasts from 12 – 18 months and needs re-applying following cleaning. Read more on our protection page.

9. Drying

Our final step ensures that you can use your upholstery sooner. We know that at the end of the day you just want to relax. Therefore, we use specialist upholstery dryers to make sure your furniture is dried rapidly and you can enjoy your upholstery as soon as possible.

How To Make An Apartment Sparkling Move Out Cleaning Before Vacating

A Landlord’s Guide to White-Glove Cleaning After Move-Out

After the tenant moves out, you hope that everything’s been perfectly cleaned, and you won’t need to lift a finger. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. As a landlord, most of the time you’ll need to go in after the tenant has moved out, and clean a little deeper before the next tenant arrives.

Generally, this type of cleaning is known as white-glove, which refers to an extreme cleaning wherein“immaculate” and “spotless” are the standard. It means cleaning all of the spots off of the blinds, wiping baseboards until they shine, and even polishing the individual slats of the air vents.

When your new tenants arrive, they want to see a clean space, and if you want to make a good first impression, you’ll give it to them. If you’re not sure how to clean to the white-glove standard, use this guide to get you started.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

Begin by gathering the necessary cleaning supplies. This is the most important step in cleaning success. It’s much easier if you have the right types of materials and tools with which to begin

Here are a few supplies you’ll want to collect:

Vinegar: This acidic mixture will be your best friend during white-glove. It has some surprising uses, including removing hard water deposits.

Rubbing Alcohol: Cleaners usually leave a residue. Even if you can’t see it looking straight on, if you look at a shiny surface from a different angle, you can usually see streak marks. Rubbing alcohol will remove all of the extra streaks and residue for a perfectly clean shine.

Magic Eraser: This little gem has so many uses, from cleaning baseboards to removing grime in the tub. It really is magic when it comes to removing stubborn marks and stains. Just be careful about using it on walls because it’ll take the paint off if you rub too hard!

Brushes: You’ll want an assortment of brushes to get into the nooks and crannies. A pack of toothbrushes from the dollar store should do the trick. Q-tips are also excellent for cleaning miniscule corners.

Microfiber Cloths: Microfiber can clean, dust, and polish without soaking up too much of the chemicals. You won’t need to switch out your cleaning rags as often, and you can use less product to get the job done. A microfiber cloth takes the place of a duster and a polishing cloth as well.

Dryer Sheets: It may seem like an odd tip, but dryer sheets are perfect for dusting off baseboards and blinds.

Cleaner Varieties: You’ll also want a variety of cleaners, starting with all-purpose, which are good for almost any surface. You can make your own by mixing three parts water, one part vinegar, and a few drops of dish soap. For the bathroom, look into getting an abrasive cleaner, such as Comet, to clean the porcelain on the tub and toilet.

Oven Cleaner: A good quality oven cleaner (avoid dollar store brands) left to soak overnight in your oven will remove the bulk of cooked-on messes. Make sure you get the kind that’s fume free!

Pumice Stone: Grab one to clean the stubborn ring in the toilet and another for the stuck-on grease spots in the oven.

Here’s your Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Why do I need a “move out cleaning checklist?”  Well, moving can be a massive ordeal between packing and organizing, and of course the actual transporting of your belongings from your old to your new home. Aside from making your deadline, there is also the task of cleaning your apartment before you leave for good.

The expenses of moving can also add up quickly, so being able to earn your cleaning deposit back can be a huge help financially. No one wants to say goodbye to the money they put down when they started renting, but taking the time and putting in the work to completely clean your apartment can seem overwhelming during a move.

Room By Room

Go through your apartment and tackle chores room by room. An orderly method will keep you from overlooking any of the items on your move out cleaning checklist. Staying focused and organized and following your list will help you finish cleaning on time. And, it will get your deposit returned.


Cleaning the bathroom is likely not a favorite job, but you’ll need to make sure it’s sparkling clean before you move out.

Clean shower thoroughly. Remove soap scum from the grout, shower door, tiles.

Make sure all of your drawers are empty and clean by vacuuming them out and wiping them down

Wipe down the mirrors

Clean your toilet including around the base

Countertops, sinks, and floor should all be cleaned


The kitchen is potentially one of the most used areas in your home, so cleaning it might take a little more time. Don’t worry, following your checklist will keep you on the right track.

All cabinets and drawers should be emptied and cleaned out

Wipe down fronts of cabinets

Don’t forget to clean out appliances: the oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher need to scrubbing

Make sure the sink and countertops are cleaned well and disinfected

Sweep and mop the floors, including behind appliances.

Cleaning the house before moving out – why is it important?

The importance of cleaning everything before moving out is double-fold. So, you will relocate clean items, and you will leave behind a clean house for someone else to move in. Of course, if you are selling or renting your previous place of residence, having it clean will attract more buyers or tenants. Likewise, you can only move electronics safely if you clean them first. So, here is more about the general importance when this is concerned:

You cannot relocate dirty items. This goes against every relocation policy ever. Moreover, most long distance movers offers will not accept to relocate dirty items. So, if you have planned to relocate with a moving company, you will need to meet their standards first. Apart from being unhygienic, dirty items can “spread” dirt onto your new items, so you will have more to clean once you unpack. For this reason, it is really important to clean everything before moving out.

You need to clean your home before you move out. Moving and relocation are not the cleanest of processes. If you are moving on a rainy day, for example, you can count on making your floors dirty, as well as some other items due to the mud. So, you will need to clean everything before heading out. Imagine leaving a large pile of mud to dry up in your hallway? This is one of the worst ideas ever. Thus, make sure that you clean everything before you move out. It will be for the greater good.

How should you clean everything?

When it comes to your items, the process is really simple and you would not even need to include it in your week-by-week moving guide. However, for most other items, you might need a good strategy. Here is how you should approach the entire process:

Clean all items before you place them inside moving boxes. Start with a room-by-room packing/cleaning. Simply clean the room you are not using and clean all the items inside. However, make sure that you clean/pack all of the items before you proceed with cleaning the entire room. That way, you will simply clean after your packing. A really good idea, right?

Clean the kitchen/bathroom last. You should both pack and clean the rooms you will be using a lot last. Imagine if the first thing you pack is your bed. Where will you sleep? So, you should make sure that you leave the “most useful” rooms last. The same goes for the bathroom, make sure to clean it last.

Cleaning the house before moving out – some other useful tips

There are countless tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning and it does not matter if you are relocating – you will use all of them. Here are the most useful ones:

Plan everything in advance. You cannot simply decide that you wish to relocate one day and start packing and cleaning everything the next day. This simply does not work that way. Thus, you will need to make a really good moving-day plan and you will also need to stick to it. The more you plan, the better it will be for your relocation in general. This being said, you should make sure to ask for help whenever you need it for your relocation. It is simply one of the best options you can have.

Get a lot of cleaning supplies. If you think that you have enough cleaning supplies for your entire house, well, you are wrong. You will need to double the amount of that, and it is the bare minimum. Cleaning an entire room properly will take you at least two bottles of spray. So, make sure that you have enough ready at hand. The more you have, the better. After all, you will not throw anything away.

Move-Out Cleaning Checklist – Complete guide for apartments and houses

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

One of the hardest areas to clean when moving out is the kitchen. To get started, empty all cabinets and wipe them to get rid of grease stains and dust. After removing the liners, replace them with quality and sturdy ones. For countertops, wash them with soap and warm water to reduce mold, bacteria, grime, and other residues. For glass cases, tabletops, doors, and windows, always take advantage of a specialized cleaning solution to restore its original appearance.

After that, it’s time to scrub the faucets and sinks. Chlorine-free bleach and powdered cleaning solutions are among the best products you could use. If you want an eco-friendlier cleaning solution, use lemon, salt, and ice cubes to lessen any unpleasant odors and other accumulated grime.

When you’re done with cabinets and countertops, the appliances are next on our checklist. For the refrigerator, it’s important to empty and defrost it. While defrosting it, place a large bowl to gather all the water. After defrosting it, you should start wipin the shelves, place a container with baking soda to get rid of possible bad odors. Set the fridge on a low setting and leave the door open to avoid mold growth.

After finishing with the refrigerator, it’s time to clean the stove. Start by removing the grills, drip pans. When scrubbing them, use warm water with a little bit of soap. To clean the oven racks, you can use steel wool to scrub the grease. Be sure to wear thick gloves and other protective gear to avoid respiratory and skin problems.

Bathrooms Cleaning Checklist

Since you’re done cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom will be the next on the checklist. Every bathroom consists of different elements such as tiles, tub and shower, sinks, toilet, vents, floor, countertops, vanities, and medicine cabinets. Start from scrubbing the tiles and grout with warm water. You can use a tile cleaning solution to remove stains and give the tile a shiny look. Then, clean the showerhead, shower enclosure, tub fixtures, tub, and shower rod. When it comes to the sink, pay extra attention to the chromed surfaces, faucets, and handles. Make sure to use a toothbrush to get the stains and mold out of nooks and crannies.

Move Out Checklist

Set a Move Out Date & Provide Written Notice

Once you set your move out date, contact your Renewal Coordinator, who will walk you through the process of submitting your notice to vacate. Once your notice is submitted, we’ll schedule your Pre-Move Out Visit.

Submit a written notice to vacate at least 60 days before your lease end date (30 days for Seattle)

Complete the Notice to Vacate form provided by your Renewal Coordinator and include a signature on your notice for every resident on your lease

Do a General Deep Cleaning

Make sure your home looks like it did when you moved in. Our team made sure your home was clean from floor to ceiling and that your systems were in working order.

Kitchens – clean all surfaces, including cabinets, countertops, sinks, etc.

Bathrooms – clean all surfaces, including sinks, tubs, toilets, bathtub surrounds, etc.

Appliances – emptied, clean, and free of damage, such as broken parts

Ensure all personal property, furniture, and trash is removed from the home

If you have pets, please eliminate pet odors and repair damage caused by pets

Check and Clean Walls, Windows, and Floors

Walls, doors, and trim – Wipe down all surfaces and ensure they are undamaged. Any painting should be corner to corner or done by a professional. Improper painting or patching could cause a deposit deduction.

Carpet – Have the carpet professionally cleaned and confirm that all stains are removed. Please leave a copy of your receipt in the home.

Other flooring surfaces – Ensure that all other flooring (tile, laminate, wood, vinyl, etc.) is clean and free of any discoloration or residue.

Make sure all hardware is still in place and functional, including doorknobs, blinds, shower rods, door stops, towel bars, closet door guides, etc.

Maintain the Outside of Your Home

Driveways – Leave driveways and garages free of oil stains. If necessary, have your driveway power-washed.

Landscaping – Ensure the landscape is well-maintained:

Have the lawn mowed, edged, and weed controlled

Cover flower beds with mulch to protect from weeds

Don’t forget to trim trees (up to 10 feet high), hedges, and shrubs to be one foot away from the home

Pest Control – ensure pest control service has been scheduled within the last three months of residency.

Pools – If applicable, ensure that any pool alarms and provided equipment are still in place and functioning properly. Verify that all gates, pool fences, and other access points to the pool are closed.

Home Exterior – If your home had window screens at the start of your lease, make sure they’re in good condition. If you had a satellite dish mounted, please have it professionally removed.

Do A Final Check

On move out day, take a final walk through your home to make sure you’ve taken all your belongings and left the home clean and clear. Make sure you don’t leave behind any boxes, trash, paper, or other items.

Leave all garage remotes on the kitchen countertop

Install new HVAC air filters

Replace any light bulbs that are not working

Replace batteries in smoke detectors and Smart Home equipment, if needed

Ensure all personal property, furniture, and trash is removed from the home

Place your house keys in the lock box provided at your Pre-Move Out Visit

What You Need To Know About House Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips

Believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning your home. Spring cleaning is important for everyone, particularly if you’re an allergy sufferer. You owe it to yourself and your family to enjoy a clean that’s more than dirt-deep. Think allergen-deep

Make a Schedule

Scope out your home: What areas need the most work? Where do you skip during routine cleaning? Those are the best places to start. Regardless of where you start, having a plan for when you’re tackling each room will keep you focused on the task at hand.


Decluttering makes you more efficient and keeps you organized. But more than that, clutter has psychological influences. It signals to your brain that work isn’t done. Studies have shown that a disorganized home adds to your stress level. The scientific implications of inhaling dust – combined with the psychological stress of coming home to a pile of unsorted laundry or cluttered desk – can take a toll.

Always Work from Top to Bottom

When you think about how to spring clean your home, it’s important to start from the ceiling down. This will force debris downward and keep you from having to re-dust or re-clean your space. If you have a vacuum with an extension hose, use it to get cobwebs and dust from your ceilings and fans first.

Use a HEPA Vacuum

Is your vacuum ready for spring cleaning? Finding the right vacuum is one of the most important parts of spring cleaning. Remove more than just dust and build-up when you vacuum. A high-quality HEPA vacuum catches particles you can’t even see. It traps pet dander, allergens and all household particles in your home.

Hotel housekeeping tips and tricks

When crafting the perfect hotel experience for your guests, part of the plan has to include top notch housekeeping routines. Not only does this ensure that your hotel guests will enjoy a clean room, but it can also help make hotel furniture and fixtures last longer.

In the hospitality industry, creating the perfect experience for visitors and patrons is paramount. In this day and age, one or two bad reviews online can be the kiss of death for a business, and for better or for worse, business owners need to be aware of that possibility.

In order to help prevent the dreaded bad review, there are a number of things that business owners can do, but none more important, perhaps, than having a thorough and efficient cleaning and housekeeping plan in place.

First things first: Open room windows, if applicable

This can take a few extra seconds of time in each room, but the difference it makes can be huge. Upon entering a room, before starting with cleaning anything, open up the windows and shades.

Next, clear out the clutter

Many housekeepers report that starting with a “blank slate” gives them the easiest job of cleaning a room.

The best ever cleaning tips

Check out our cleaning tips guide for stubborn stains and more

Find out how to clean windows, cookers, washing machines and everything in between with out handy cleaning guides.

The essential laundry kit

Make sure you have everything you need to sail through the washing, however full the basket. It will make it much easier to get cracking in the first place and will save time in the long run.

A-Z of stain removal tips

From ballpoint pen marks to shoe polish stains, our top tips will to help you make your stuff as good as new with minimal effort required.

How to plan the perfect laundry room

Organise an overflowing laundry room with a few clever tricks. Once organised, your utility room will help you keep on top of everyday tasks.

How to clean floors

From carpets to laminate flooring, we’ve gathered our top tips on how to keep every kind of floor squeaky clean.


There are tons of services offering home cleaning in NYC. That means homeowners and renters have no shortage of options available for their home cleaning needs. In today’s day and age, it’s urgent to research and hire the best home cleaning providers because you’re entrusting them to enter your house. While you might be attracted to budget priced cleaning service, don’t overlook the importance of working with established companies. Reputable cleaning companies always maintain professionalism and integrity while performing their duties.

Avoid Surprises When Getting Quotes For Apartment Cleaning Services

When shopping for home or apartment cleaning services, always be clear about the services you require. Generally, house cleaner service companies quote projects based on job size and specific cleaning services requested. If you need your bathroom deep cleaned, let them know! In many cases, home cleaning services offer packages, so it’s crucial to let them know about any special requests to avoid misunderstandings later.

Factors To Consider:

Frequency – How often do you want your home cleaned? Most services are relatively flexible and work with your schedule. Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and “As Needed” availability helps you keep your home looking fresh and sharp!

Your Schedule – Most cleaning services in NYC are happy to accommodate your schedule. When initially working with a cleaning company, you might feel better being present in your home while they’re working. After building trust, there’s the option of giving them security clearance to do their work without being there.

Don’t Forget to Consider Business Reputation

In the Internet age, people share their thoughts and experiences more freely than ever before – especially when they’re unhappy about a service. It’s always worth checking out reviews to learn about what others think. An occasional poor review is not a problem. But, think twice about using home cleaning services with a bad rep and a pattern of adverse encounters with customers. Stick with the companies that continually earn praise from a wide array of apartment cleaning service customers.

Helpful Tips To Make Cleaning Your House Easy!

Every mother likes to keep their house neat and tidy. We pride ourselves on home presentation and don’t like mess one bit. But sadly, our families rarely think the same way. It’s easy for our homes to get messy, especially around Winter time. Winter is the season where the kids are on holiday, so spend way more time in the house. As a result, the house starts to look a lot worse.

Tidy One Room At A Time

The best way to clean your home is to do it one room at a time. Instead of drifting between rooms, you should focus on one room and stay in there until the job is done. I’d recommend you clean the main rooms first. Start with your living room, and then the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. These are the rooms people are likely to spend the most time in and see the most of, so make sure they’re cleaned first. It can also help if you split each room into sections and focused on specific things to do. E.g. For the bathroom, focus on cleaning the sink first, and then the bath/shower and finish with the floor.

Make People Clean Their Own Bedrooms

To save time when cleaning the house, make people clean their own rooms. Normally, it’s hard to pinpoint who’s made all the mess around the house. There’s no way to prove who made the lounge messy or who left the bathroom in bad shape. But, it’s pretty obvious who the culprit of a messy bedroom is!! Don’t feel the need to clean your children’s bedrooms, they should do it themselves. You’ve got a lot on your plate as it is, the last thing you need is to fix their mess too. Making them do this is also a good way to teach them a lesson in looking after themselves and independence. They’ll learn that not everything in life is going to be done for them.

Throw Out Unwanted Stuff

Instead of keeping lots of things lying around the house, it’s better if you just throw them out. There are lots of things you can recycle, but some stuff needs taking to a tip. To save you the trouble of loading your car up and driving somewhere to dispose of the waste, just buy a skip bin instead. You can get skip bins delivered outside your home and ready for you to throw all the junk in. Then, when it’s full, it will get carried away by whoever you bought it from. No hassle for you whatsoever! It’s especially useful if you’re clearing your garage out and have lots of old equipment like fridges, microwaves or beds.

If you’re due for a big home clean up, then follow the tips I’ve mentioned here. They’re going to make life a whole lot easier for you, and should cut down on time. It will make cleaning less of a chore and far quicker to do.

Organic Carpet Cleaning Service


Finding the right commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning company can be challenging but a reputable, professional company working for your facility is important. The right choice will provide peace of mind and confidence about the quality of service provided. However, not all cleaners are alike. The difference in the quality of service from one cleaning service to another can be significant! As tempting as it may sound, try to refrain from picking a carpet and upholstery cleaning company based on price. The old adage is still true; you get what you pay for. So how do you go about choosing the right commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning company?

Educated, trained and professional staff: Carpet cleaning is a changing field. The best cleaners constantly improve the services they offer. Make sure the cleaning company you choose is professionally trained and that they training is updated on a regular basis. It takes years of experience, training, and exposure to different carpet and furniture products, as well as unique soiling conditions to clean carpets and upholstery correctly.

Associated with Professional Organizations: The cleaning company should be Certified. Restoration and flooring industry’s certification and standard-setting organization. Other societies or organizations may also add to the credibility of the company. If you have a specific company in mind, you can even search its name to find out whether it is certified.

References: Professional carpet cleaning companies should be able to provide you with a list of satisfied clients and their phone numbers. Find out how many years they have worked with those clients. A long business relationship is a good indicator that the cleaning company provides high quality and excellent service

Cleaning Methods: Commercial cleaners should provide different cleaning methods. Hot water extraction, dry shampoo, dry compound and high flow extraction all require different types of equipment. Most office buildings and facilities require multiple cleaning methods and equipment to meet their specific needs so make sure the cleaning company can meet your needs.


When you choose Chem Dry for carpet cleaning, you get a deeper clean, faster-drying carpets and a healthier home for you and your family.

We understand that you have a choice in carpet cleaning services. But not all carpet cleaning services are alike. To find out how big an impact a Chem-Dry cleaning can have on home health, we thought it would be helpful to measure how effective our cleaning process is in eliminating unhealthy and unwanted elements from your home. So we commissioned a leading independent air quality laboratory to conduct a study using Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process in multiple homes. The lab found that Chem-Dry carpet cleaner removes an average of 98.1% of common household allergens such as dust mite allergens and pet dander from the carpets and upholstery we clean and found that, when adding sanitizer to our HCE carpet cleaning process, we removed an average of 89% of the bacteria in the air and 82.3% of the bacteria from carpets. With Chem-Dry carpet cleaner, you can breathe easier about the healthfulness of your home for your family.


The Chem-Dry carpet cleaning process uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning, so carpets dry within hours, not days. This means you and your family can get back to enjoying your home sooner. See a full comparison of Chem-Dry vs steam cleaning to see all of the benefits of choosing Chem-Dry carpet cleaners.


primary carpet cleaning solution is carbonated and, just like club soda, as it penetrates deep into your carpet’s fibers, it lifts the dirt from deep within your carpets so it can be whisked away with our powerful extraction equipment giving you the most thorough clean. And there is no dirt-attracting residue left behind, so carpets stay cleaner longer.


carpet cleaning services use a low-water method which means there is less risk of mold and mildew growth under your carpet that can result from the excessive water used by most steam carpet cleaners. We use an all natural, green-certified cleaning solution that does not contain any harsh soaps or chemicals and is completely safe and non-toxic for your family and pets.

What qualities should I need to look in a carpet cleaning services company?

While it’s true that there are a lot of professional carpet cleaners out there, the quality of their work differs depending on their experience, cleaning agents used and tools. When you have your carpets cleaned, it should not only look clean. In fact, there are a lot of factors that you should consider before you decide that your carpets have indeed been cleaned well and that the professionals did a great job at it

The Feel of Your Carpets

It is unfortunate that with many cleaning companies, you may get a thorough carpet cleaning, but your carpet suffers for it. Sometimes, cleaning companies use strong chemical cleaning agents that stress and weaken the fibers of your carpets. Your carpets can end up deformed and rough to the touch. If your cleaning company has thoroughly cleaned your carpet, but when you feel its surface, it’s not rough and doesn’t have bald patches, then that’s an added point to them.

The Smell

Chemical cleaning agents have a strong, potent odor that many people don’t like. This can be a bad thing if you live in a household with lots of children, or if you’re expecting a guest soon after your carpets have been cleaned. Some companies have special services where they use cleaning agents infused with a certain scent that’s pleasing. Sure, it’s an added expense, but definitely worth it if you don’t want to have to cover your nose when you’re in the vicinity of your carpet.

The Germs

Most cleaning methods do remove dirt and other particles that are in the carpets, but what’s more dangerous than soil and dust is the bacteria that come along with it. Most cleaning companies now offer cleaning agents that have anti-bacterial properties that make your carpet not only clean but also hygienic and safe.

Staying Clean

Some carpets don’t really stay clean after the cleaning company is done with them. This means the work was done haphazardly and the work was not very thorough. When carpets are washed and dried meticulously, almost all traces of dirt are dislodged and removed. Also, there are no remnants of the cleaning agent left on the carpet. However, with poorly done carpet cleaning, there’s still dirt of chemical residue embedded deep into the carpet base. These act like magnets, and actually boost the accumulation of dirt and other particles, meaning your carpets get dirty faster.

How to Choose a Good Carpet Cleaning Company

Whether you’re looking to hire a good carpet cleaning company for your home or your business, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with.  After all, your carpets are pivotal to the appearance of your home or business.  Add to the fact that many of your carpets need to be handled with care and dedication, and it’s no wonder you’re looking to learn how to choose a good carpet cleaning company.

Look at Customer History

The number one rule of choosing a good carpet cleaning company – or any service, that is! – is to pay careful attention to the vendor’s customer history.  Don’t be afraid to ask for third-party testimonials, as this will give you a better idea of the level of satisfaction you can expect

Look For Flexibility

In order to hire a good carpet cleaning company, you need to find a vendor who’s willing to work around your busy schedule.  After all, you shouldn’t have to wait around for a vendor to show up to clean your carpets and upholstery!  If the vendor is reluctant to be flexible with their scheduling, it may be time to move on

Look for Varied Services

A good carpet cleaning company won’t just specialize in carpets – in fact, they’ll also know how to clean your furniture upholstery.  The sign of a great carpet cleaning company is if they know how to clean oriental rugs.  If you find a vendor that offers all three of these specialized services, call them immediately – it’s practically guaranteed that they’re the kind of carpet cleaning company you’re looking for!

Choose a Good Carpet Cleaner

This expert on how to choose the best carpet cleaner information is to help you make an informed decision for your next carpet cleaning. Hiring a quality good carpet cleaning company goes beyond opening the phone book or conducting a random Internet search too. Carpets are one of the home’s best assets, so everyone needs to make sure that they’re hiring an experienced professional who will do the job right

You should wait as long as possible before your carpet is clean

No. Dirt is abrasive, and it’s like sandpaper. Every time you step on your carpet, you grind dirt into its fibres. A dirty carpet will not last nearly as long as a clean carpet. The help of an excellent tool like a vacuum, by itself, is simply not enough. In this case, you need a dedicated team of experienced technicians.

The only reason to clean your carpet is to remove the dirt.

-No. Indoor Air quality experts say, “once a carpet looks dirty, it’s filthy and filthy carpet can be a serious health risk especially since spend 90% of their time indoors”. If you have allergies, asthma, or any other breathing problems, one primary source could be the pollen and dust mites on your carpet. To achieve 100% clean, you should also eliminate bacteria, chemicals, and tobacco tar residue.

One method to clean a carpet is as good as another.

No. You can choose from 2 primary methods of carpet cleaning machines: Dry chem cleaning or hot water extraction. First, I’ll explain the dry chem carpet’s cleaning. Many people believe that dry cleaning carpets is like dry cleaning your clothing. Thus, it is not true. All carpet cleaner use water in one way or another. Therefore, it is also not true.

When the dry chem method used, the carpets cleaner uses a machine similar to a floor polisher spinning a large cotton bonnet from side to side, absorbing the dirt that in the carpets, it’s like trying to rub the dirt out of carpets with a large towel. Can you imagine doing this to your hair? While this method can be useful as an interim carpet cleaning, it can leave a chemical residue in your carpets, which is the main reason dry chem carpet cleaning is not very effective.

Window Cleaning Tips For Different Types Of Windows

Choosing the Right Commercial Window Cleaner

Finding a Great Value Commercial Window Cleaner

Business premises are a big part of a business’ image. So, what does your building say about your business? Not only is a clean a shining building important for your clients, it’s also important for your employees. When people come to work, it helps to have a shiny premises that everyone can feel proud of.

At Bax, our commercial window cleaning service proposes to do just that—to maximise the value of your premises by making the exterior of buildings as clean as possible. We believe that this signals quality to all the stakeholders of your business.

Getting an estimate and quote

As a commercial decision, it’s always prudent to get a number of quotes when looking for a commercial window cleaner. The estimation and quote stage is an early opportunity to judge how professional and thorough a commercial window cleaning service will be. After all, if they are not meticulous at this stage, they will not take the extra time for your windows!

Avoiding cheap cleaners

The proposed price is not the end of the story—it’s what you get for that price which really matters. Naturally, cheap commercial window cleaners cut costs by cutting the quality of their work. This could be on equipment, cleaning products, or even the overall effort. This runs the risk of leaving windows dirty, streaked and spotty with water and soap residue.

Why choose Bax?

The quality of our services will reflect on your business. That’s why we make sure that our services are to a high, professional standard.

What is the Best Way to Clean Windows and How to Choose Good Window Cleaning Services?

The right windows add a unique style to your interiors. However, it is equally important to take care of those windows otherwise, you could end up battling hygiene issues. If you are trying to find out the best way to clean windows, nothing beats a professional company. But if you would rather clean them by yourself, here are a few tips you can take into account.

Is professional window cleaning worth it?

While many homeowners may think cleaning their own windows, the benefits of professional window cleaning are significant. To begin, hiring a professional instead of wondering how to power wash windows can actually save you plenty of time and effort. At the same time, professional help ensures sparkling, flawless results, making it the best way to clean windows

What do professional window cleaners use?

Professionals are familiar with an array of tricks and techniques that are best suited for high or low rise window cleaning. They first analyze the type of windows that you need cleaned and evaluate the amount of dust/dirt that needs to be washed off. Based on their initial evaluation, they then proceed with their methods that may include several tools and equipment best suited to your specific requirements. Cleaning solutions, vinegar, mops, different kinds of wipers and buckets are just a few of the tools that help professional window cleaners do their job properly.

What is the proper way to clean windows?

There are multiple ways to that can be called as the best ways to clean windows. However, it is better to hire professionals who are well-versed with different kinds of window cleaning processes. These include power-washing and scrubbing among others.

Why should I get my windows cleaned?

Regular cleaning of windows helps remove contaminants and unsightly stains. If not removed, these unwanted substances can prevent the entry of sufficient natural light and turn into breeding grounds for disease-causing microbes. Besides, you don’t want dirty windows to spoil the aesthetics of your home/workplace.

How to Choose the Best Window Cleaning Company

Anybody with a squeegee, bucket and a window mop can call themselves a window cleaner. However, getting the services of a professional window cleaning company is paramount. Choosing professional window cleaners ensures that your windows remain clean and in top quality for an extended period

Service and Experience

The duration of time that the company has been in existence matters a lot. Go through customer reviews. References work well when getting the best company. Ask past clients any questions that may give you clues about the quality of service the given company provides. The cleaning company should also provide a list of references from satisfied customers.  Best-quality window cleaning that uses approved cleaners for various types of windows is a recommended service. The cleaning exercise should also be reliable and fast. Choose a company that offers concentration to detail. The cleaners should wipe the windows frames, seals, and screens clean without leaving any dark marks. A company that has a list of references is also proving its authenticity and experience.


Safety is a significant factor to think about when appointing a company that will clean your house windows.  Check the last time the company workers were involved in an accident. The best company should have professional, insured employees with full proper background checks. Employees who are respectful, efficient, well groomed, and competent at what they carry out should be your first choice. It also ensures that your home or business will get protected during the window cleaning exercise. You don’t want to hire a cleaning company that employs thieves who are masquerading as cleaners.


Check if the company you want to hire has all the required documents. Do not overlook documents such as licenses and work permits. These factors are essential as they ensure that you hire a company that has the necessary insurance policy. The company should prove to you that they have a valid insurance policy. Since window cleaning is a job that involves high risks, an accident at your home during cleaning can make you accountable for the injury. Make sure the company bears the liability in case of an accident. Do not employ any company that does not have these qualifications.


window cleaning company should provide reasonable and competitive prices. Services offered by the cleaning company should go hand in hand with their prices. It is advisable to research thoroughly before choosing the best company to clean your windows. Although you may want to save money, an appealing cheap price may not be the best for you. Some of the competitive companies may not take any liability in case of accidents at your property.

How to Choose a Commercial Window Cleaner?

First impressions matter and if the first thing your customers notice about your business are dirty windows, they may not be coming back. By contrast a clean, well kept storefront not only enhances your business’ curb appeal, but creates a more hospitable workplace for your employees. Regularly scheduled commercial window cleaning is a cost effective solution for improving the appeal and atmosphere of your business.

We hope this article will give you the tools to make an educated choice when it comes to selecting a window cleaning company for your next commercial project. If you are looking for professional commercial window cleaning in the Denver metro area, call Summit Window Cleaning today! Our top priority is getting you the best results and giving you the best experience possible. We only employ highly skilled technicians who utilize the best training and tools available.

Getting an Estimate

Before you decide which company you would like to work with, it’s advisable to get quotes from at least a few service providers. Avoid sites like Thumbtack and Angie’s List. Their business model is built around aggressively marketing to new vendors. And while they claim to offer certified professionals, there is no actual review process for service providers to join. As a result these middle men primarily recommend low quality and inexperienced vendors. A professional window cleaning company will have certified reviews on an unbiased website like Google.

Reputable, professional companies are happy to offer free estimates and Summit Window Cleaning is no exception. The estimate process is a great opportunity to get a feel for how the company likely does business. Were they punctual? Were they responsive, and how was their communication? Did they take pride in their professional appearance? Look at their work vehicles and tools. Well-worn tools are not always a sign of neglect, however a professional window cleaner should be organized, appreciates and takes care of their tools.

Commercial Window Cleaning Pricing

As you are reviewing your estimates make sure you know what is included in the price you are quoted. Not all companies will offer the same level of service, so it’s a good idea to ask for clarification. When you are quoted you a per-window price, are they including interior/ exterior cleaning, exterior only etc.? Is wiping down the frames included? Selecting a window cleaning company that can offer a price that is within your budget is important. Keep in mind that as with most things, you will generally get what you pay for. Paying too much will not necessarily get you the best cleaning, but going with a cheap option will almost always result in problems and low quality work.

What to Look for When Considering Professional Window Cleaning Services

It is rare to find a homeowner who consistently makes the time to clean their windows themselves. Hazardous, hard to do and quite a headache when tackled on your own, most homeowners instead opt to make a small and worthwhile investment in professional window cleaning services. Though they may have to deal with a fee up front, the amount of time, energy and cleaning supply cost that is saved typically makes the charge well worth it.

Because of people’s general disinterest in braving the heights and hassles of doing it themselves, professional window cleaning services have become very popular. Everywhere you look, it seems that you can spot a new company offering window cleaning services. Since there is no specialized degree or expensive equipment required, many inexperienced entrepreneurs will venture into the window cleaning business, able to easily train and outfit a workforce to start recruiting clients. For this reason, there are many considerable differences in quality that will be seen in the professional window cleaning industry. Invisible to many, a definitive pecking-order exists in the window cleaning industry, with the established experts being distinguishable from inexperienced newcomers with a well-trained eye. The experts have assembled some useful tips to help you when looking for quality window cleaning service providers. Read on to learn what to look for when considering your professional window cleaning services.

Make sure that the company is insured and equipped with liability insurance.

While researching professional window cleaning companies you should always make sure that they are properly insured, registered and caught up on the proper documentation. Some unprofessional companies could put you at risk of being sued as liable if they happen to fall and have any accidents while working on your home. The workers are fully licensed and insured and will happily present their hard-earned certifications when questioned by clients. For over two decades, The professional window cleaners have been delivering high-quality results without incident to homeowners across America. The workers are well-trained and drive filled with the most up to date equipment available, making them the best choice to ensure safety and customer satisfaction.

Make sure that the company is experienced.

Try to research your chosen company’s experience. Window cleaning has been in demand for years, and will continue to be, especially as window tints allow home owners to increase the number of windows in their home without losing heat and energy efficiency. With professional window cleaning having been in demand for so long, there is really little reason to opt for a brand new company that has yet to be tested by customer reviews and industry ups and downs. Ideally, you want to choose a company that has been able to thrive in a competitive climate. This indicates that this company will be able to deliver great results capable of keeping their business afloat despite the presence of competitors.

Make sure that the price is appropriate.

We represents one of the window cleaning industry’s premier service providers, and at a very reasonable cost. Get your free quote today and find out why thousands of Americans choose we to grant their cleaning wishes. If you do not have a franchise in your area, you can at least hold your local providers to this high standard to find the best men and women near you for the job!

Why Opt For Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Facts For Consumers

What is upholstery cleaning?

From your carpets to your drapes to your furniture, all fabrics need to be cleaned. Cleaning upholstery, or the fabric on your furniture, removes the dirt and oils that are transferred to couches and chairs through regular use. Because furniture upholstery can be delicate and colors can fade easily, it’s often a good idea to let professional sofa cleaners handle the job. They’ll determine the type of fabric — usually cotton, linen, wool, suede or microfiber — and the appropriate method for cleaning it, either steam-cleaning or applying a dry-cleaning solvent. In general, cleaning an entire piece of furniture includes a pretreatment, cleaning, and neutralizing rinse to the body, plus removing and cleaning all cushions and cleaning all crevices.

An upholstery cleaner may clean the entire piece of furniture, on a regular schedule or by request, or do spot treatments to remove pet, food, drink, or oil and grease stains. Furniture can also be deodorized to remove the smell of pets or tobacco smoke. Furniture that’s used often, like that in your family room, should be cleaned once a year to keep it fresh and extend its life. Sofa cleaners often also offer repair services to mend tears in fabric or patch holes in leather.

The Importance of Upholstery Cleaning

Regular vacuuming and wiping down of upholstery furniture is beneficial to keeping the office looking and smelling good. Over time dirt, grime and spills can take their toll on upholstered surfaces, making them look tired and worn out. Deep cleaning will keep upholstery looking like new, and extend the life of the piece.

Office furniture gets more wear and tear than furniture in your home. You spend more time on average at the workplace and track in dirt and allergies all day long. A cleaner, better-looking office provides a better business atmosphere for your employees. Commercial upholstery should also receive a professional deep steam cleaning one to two times a year. This is especially true if pens are dropped frequently on the upholstery leaving ink stains.

When stains get grounded into the upholstery it decreases the life span of the furniture making it look old and unattractive. When furniture does not undergo deep steam cleaning, stains and marks can eventually become permanent. When you hire a professional cleaner, they have special tools to easily remove these stains, making the furniture last longer.

Upholstery naturally collects many different pollutants, especially dust mites. Chairs and sofas that hardly get cleaned have tons of dust on them. The dust is not only on the surface but in the padding deep inside and comes out into the air every time the furniture is used.

Along with dust, upholstery can contain many different types of allergens and harmful organisms such as mold, bacteria, pollen and viruses. These organisms can be released into the environment each time someone sits down on a sofa or chair. Deep cleaning removes many more organisms than a surface cleaning keeping the workplace cleaner for everyone.

General Tips for Cleaning Upholstery

• With any of these techniques, be sure to test an inconspicuous area first (like under a cushion, or on the back side of the skirt) to make sure colors won’t bleed or fade.

• Be sure to avoid getting water or cleaning agents on the wood or metal portions of your furniture, as this could rust, corrode, or cause discoloration.

• These techniques should be used on natural or synthetic woven fabrics. Find out about cleaning leather here.

• If your fabric has an X code, call a professional to clean your upholstery. These services are generally provided in your home, a professional cleaner should be able to give you a general estimate based on the size of furniture and type of fabric that you have.

How to Fix Fading Sofa Fabric

Start spray-painting the sofa at one corner. Move your hand slowly across the fabric, one section at a time, taking care not to leave any unpainted spots. This may require more than one pass over each part of a section. Continue in this painstaking manner until you have solidly spray-painted the entire couch.

Place each cushion on a layer or two of corrugated cardboard. Spray-paint the top and sides in the same careful manner.

Let the paint dry, which typically takes about 72 hours. Spray a second coat onto the sofa in the same manner for further coverage if desired.

Flip the detached cushions over and paint the undersides. Wait another 72 hours for the undersides of the cushions (and an optional second coat) to dry. Place the cushions onto your revitalized couch.

Upholstery Cleaning Facts For Consumers

Did you understand there are many unique forms of carpet and upholstery fabrics and fibers, and they all have their own person cleaning specifications? Additionally depending on the sort of soils localized furniture cleaning using the correct chemical is crucial, and this really should occur just before commencing a basic upholstery cleaning process, to obtain the most effective final results on your highly-priced upholstery just about every time!

By far the easiest fabric to clean is micro-suede normally known as microfibre suede. Some upholstery cleaners contact themselves “Micro-Suede Specialists” but this can be a joke as micro-suede cleans up like brand new almost each and every time! The only stains which might not come out are oil-based soils. Micro-sueue is oleophilic which implies that oil based soils can permanently bind towards the micro-suede fabric and become impossible to get rid of! So take care next time you sit down around the lounge and get pleasure from some tasty oily treats like fried chips or chicken wings, as dropping them on your attractive lounge can leave behind an unsightly permanent stain! Upholstery protection may be applied by your upholstery cleaning skilled if permanent stains are a concern for the furnishings!

Pet or human urine can also pose a important trouble for your upholstery as if left untreated can soak deep inside the fibres and upholstery stuffing, putting it beyond the reach of odour neutralizing agents frequently utilised as part of an expert upholstery cleaning service. Odour neutralizers only work if they are able to reach the urine and chemically neutralize it; in the event the urine has gotten so deep in to the fabric that they cannot reach it, then your upholstery may well smell fresh for any day or two after cleaning but that may soon fade plus the urine smell will return.

As a organic material leather is different again in the other fiber varieties and calls for specialty cleaning to gently separate soils from leather. Cleaning by itself isn’t sufficient as then leather has to be carefully conditioned using the correct oils to restore the skins natural oily texture and preserve your leather feeling and hunting terrific for many years to come! If treated properly leather can outlast all other fabric sorts by a decade or more!

When upholstery is heavily soiled specially on thin material like cushions, a thorough upholstery clean might not be adequate to shift any heavily ingrained soils. In the event the upholstery cleaner uses a lot of chemical or water and is aggressive with their tool they may well make the stains shift, but your upholstery may perhaps take may well longer to thoroughly dry. This trade-off might be prevented by obtaining your upholstery routinely cleaned!

Post Construction Cleaning For Your New Home Or Office

How to Choose the Right Post Construction Cleaning Company

Choosing the right post construction cleaning service is never a walk in the park, and many have ended up with the wrong providers, and regretted engaging them in the first place. However, it is not as difficult as rocket science, and with the right pointers, it is possible to find the right service providers who will guarantee superior post construction cleaning services for you.

The number of years of experience

The longer the company has been in business, the more experienced they are, and this will be an assurance of quality services when you hire them. This is not to say that you should not hire relatively new companies, but it will be difficult to gauge their level of expertise if you can’t tell how long they have been in business.

The specific cleaning services offered

There are different types of post construction cleaning services available, and it is vital that you choose a company that offers the specific services you need. For instance, some specialize in dusting, floor maintenance, debris removal, window cleaning and vacuuming.

Bonded and insured

Post construction cleaning may appear as a simple matter, but this does not mean that you can’t experience damages or losses during the process. This is why you should deal with bonded and insured cleaners so that incase of any mishaps during the cleaning, they will be fully responsible and you won’t have to worry about spending more of your money.

Check out with the references

Get a list of references from the company and find out from the references what they think about the company. If you don’t get reviews or reports from the references, then you may be better off finding another company to take care of your post construction cleaning.

How to Choose the Right Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Choosing a company to clean up a site after construction is a task that requires thoughtful consideration of a variety of factors to ensure the job is done successfully. Highly qualified cleaning crews can maximize the efficiency of the job by staying organized, on task, and working diligently. To ensure you hire the right cleaning service, look for the following five traits.

Commercial Cleaner

Commercial cleaners are better prepared for heavy-duty post-construction cleanup because they have the commercial-grade equipment needed to provide a more thorough and efficient cleaning service. While residential cleaners may be good at what they do, they do not have the capacity to clean a construction site.


A professional cleaning service with years of experience will be more likely to know exactly what needs to be done for proper construction cleanup. Likewise, they’re more likely to have highly skilled workers who are less apt to make rookie mistakes.

Many Services

Before choosing a company, make sure the cleaning services you require fall under their list of offerings. Finding a company with a broad array of cleaning services is ideal.

Insured & Certified

It is extremely important to make sure the people you hire are insured so you are protected from liability if they damage the construction site. They also need to be certified so you can feel confident they are skilled professionals with the proper background and training to ensure their ability to complete the job to your satisfaction.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Construction Cleaning Services Team

While it may be tempting to leave construction cleaning up to your building crew, or hire a residential cleaning service, there are few important considerations to make in order to determine who the best construction cleaning services team is for the task at hand. After all, you’re probably working on a tight timeline and strict budget, and nothing wastes both like having to redo a job that wasn’t done right the first time

Cleaning Calibre

Is your building project a commercial space, multi-unit building or small residential build? While residential cleaners may be adequate for cleaning the inside of smaller residential builds and home renovation projects, larger building projects warrant hiring a commercial cleaning company that specializes in post construction cleaning services. This is because commercial-calibre cleaners will have commercial-grade cleaning equipment that can more efficiently and effectively pull dirt and sawdust from hard to reach places that common shop vacs often leave behind. A commercial cleaning company will come stocked with the right training, solvents and equipment needed for everything from debris and sawdust removal, to power-washing, indoor and outdoor window cleaning (including tracks and trim), floor cleaning and polishing, carpet cleaning, and proper cleaning of appliances and surfaces (including the careful removal of adhesives and overspray).

Construction Cleaning Experience

When your own company’s reputation is on the line, it’s wise to choose a construction cleaning services team that is well established in your business area, and that has several years of experience cleaning the types of buildings and spaces that reflect your job site. A well established cleaning company will know what’s required to render construction cleaning excellence within allotted budgets and time-frames.

Broad Enough Cleaning Expertise

Building projects can vary, and the installation of flooring and appliances can vary with it. Following the initial debris and sawdust removal, a condo development with hardwood floors and carpeting is going to have very different cleaning requirements than a freshly built or renovated commercial kitchen, showroom or factory. Time and money can be wasted having to hire more than one cleaning specialist to complete the job. It’s ideal to hire a construction cleaning services team that is experienced in

Service Responsiveness

Post construction cleaning services should be rendered within 48 hours of building completion, but during a building project, somewhat unexpected things can arise that warrant the immediate help of cleaners, such as preparing for the arrival of another subcontractor, or emergency cleaning following jobsite vandalism. Having a responsive construction cleaning services team—that can promptly address cleaning emergencies as needed—will quickly help get your project back on track.

Post Construction Cleaning: What to Clean After the Dirty Work is Done

Once a big construction or renovation project is complete, there’s always just as big a mess leftover. Besides the basic cleanup involved of removing large debris and returning tools and equipment, a critical part of post construction cleaning is removing all the dust that was produced. Construction projects generate an immense amount of dust from what lays on the surrounding surfaces to what’s floating in the air. These particulates will embed themselves in all corners of the new building and will make the space appear dull and dingy, as well as negatively affect its indoor air quality.

Wipe Down All Surfaces

This is the first and most obvious part of cleaning after construction. Dust will settle on top of any surface, including the walls. It is best to dry dust to prevent damaging the lacquer or paint of the surface, but a damp cloth can be used if you test a small spot before proceeding. Make sure to check the tops of cabinets, the baseboards by the floor, interior shelves and inside drawers. In addition to flat surfaces,

Vacuum or Clean Carpets and Upholstery

If you conducted a renovation project to an existing building instead of something entirely new, it’s possible that dust or debris crept into other areas of the building. Dust can easily become embedded in the fibers of the carpets and upholstery nearby including furniture, curtains, couch cushions or other fabrics. Vacuum all carpeting or upholstered items thoroughly and as deeply as possible. You may want to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean the carpets to prevent further damage to the fibers if they experienced a large amount of dust accumulation. Having the upholstery professionally cleaned may also be a good option if it was heavily affected by dirt and debris from the project.

Replace Air Filters

It is more than likely that all the dust and debris floating in the air made its way into the air vents. Replace any air filters exposed to the dust with new ones and clean out the vents with soap and water. This is a very important step as breathing unfiltered air after construction can lead to respiratory problems for the building’s occupants.

Outdoor Pressure Washing

If your construction project involved a brand new building or an outdoor extension to an existing one, you may want to consider pressure washing the exterior walls and sidewalks. This will keep the outside appearance of the building bright and welcoming after its completion.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Rely on Professional Construction Cleaning Services

Renovating your home, office, or building from scratch is exciting. It gives you a chance to completely reinvent your professional or personal space. However, with construction comes a lot of mess. There’s a lot of waste, dust, and other material that can linger in your home or office if it isn’t properly cleane d up when the job is done.

How to Choose the Right Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Even if you are accustomed to doing your own office or home cleaning most of the time, cleaning up after construction is different. You need a professional cleaning service to handle a project of this scale.

How do you know which post-construction cleaning service is right for you? Find out how long the cleaning company has been in business. In this industry, experience and training are crucial. What sort of cleaning services do they offer? You need to make sure that you are working with a company that offers the scope of services that you need. Ask about vacuuming, window cleaning, debris removal, maintenance, and dusting.

What to Expect With Post-Construction Cleaning Services

What actually happens during your post-construction cleanup depends on the service that you select, but typically, your space will be dusted, and workers clean the walls, floors, ceiling fans, trim, doorways, window frames, baseboards, light fixtures, outlets, and other surfaces. They will vacuum carpets and take special care around the edges of carpets, which is where dust tends to linger. Duct covers will be removed, and openings cleaned out.

Upholstery Cleaning

It is recommended to get your carpets and upholstery cleaned as well during your post-renovation cleanup. Lots of dust can get in your carpet and upholstery during construction, and it is hard to get out without a full cleaning.